A sale 15 years in the making

Work is already underway for the sale that will feature 16,000 frames at discounted prices at the Village Square Shopping Center in Inver Grove Heights.

Fifteen years ago, Chris Gregg of Inver Grove’s Family Eye Clinic found himself with a problem. He had bought up the inventory of an optical store that was going out of business, and was surprised to find that he was the proud owner of 5,000 designer-brand eyeglass frames. 

That’s a lot of frames. In fact, more frames than he could hope to sell in the normal course of business. 

So like the entrepreneur he is, Chris came up with an idea: For six hours on one day he would put on one of the largest frame sales in the country. In Inver Grove Heights. 

It worked. Really well. 

Chris sold frames that normally retailed for hundreds of dollars at a flat price of $39. And since most people brought their prescriptions or made appointments with him for a new one, he developed a loyal customer base who liked his prices, and loved his commitment to making sure they were always happy to come back for more.

Now, 15 years later, his frame sales are held twice a year, and are so large that they are held at the convention center or a huge space down the way from his store. This year he will have 16,000 frames on sale, and hundreds of people from all over the region will come to snap up the incredible deals. 

With the frame prices so low, Chris is able to make a complete pair of glasses with frame, lenses, and even an anti-reflective coating at prices less than you can find at the big box stores. 

These frames aren’t cheap knock-offs, either. They are genuine Silhouette, Polo, Hugo Boss, Elizabeth Arden, Jones New York, or any of another couple-hundred brands. Most of the frames normally run for more than $200 alone, and some retail for more than $400. But because Chris bought them for pennies on the dollar, he can still sell them at a profit for $39 with lenses, or $49 without. 

The sale has gotten so big that Chris had to bring in a partner, Brad Peterson of Southdale Optical. It was a natural fit for both of them because they share the same business philosophy: You won’t succeed in business if you don’t make the customer happy. If you do make them happy, you will have a customer and friend for life. 

Chris and Brad will be holding this spring’s sale on March 19 and 20 at the Village Square Shopping Center, right next to the Aldi, at 6530 Cahill Ave. E. in Inver Grove Heights. 

Don’t forget to bring your prescription if you have one, or you can make an appointment with Chris if you don’t. 


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