Progress on the Concord Boulevard Development!

It’s a big task to keep cities growing, and revitalizing a neighborhood. However, the joint effort made between the River Heights Chamber of Commerce’s Progress Plus team and the City of Inver Grove Heights shows the redevelopment project is at the focal point of both of organizations. “We continue to be innovative and unique with both organizations’ approach to help economic growth in Inver Grove Heights and South St. Paul,” says Jennifer Gale, President of both the Chamber and Progress Plus.

Jennifer continued to elaborate on how Progress Plus has been focused on encouraging growth and development for more than 20 years and has a proven track record for working on development from the private sector side. Also, a new addition to the Economic Development team at Progress Plus is John Erickson. John will be focusing on local businesses visits and performing marketing efforts in collaboration with the community development officials from the city. “I’m honored to be part of an organization that continues to develop the businesses around the River Heights area for the community’s continued success,” Erickson says. 

In the mid-90ís the City of Inver Grove started to become more focused on community development. The city had originally started with smaller projects, which in turn peaked the communityís interest. Since then, the plan was revised in 2011 to the current Concord Redevelopment Plan. The city came out with four main objectives: Improve existing infrastructure, increase property values for both residential and commercial properties, increase employment in the region, and lastly, continue to strengthen and develop the commercial industry. 

Currently, the City is performing acquisition functions, environmental analysis, and looking to acquire more grant opportunities from the state and county levels. This is a long term plan that may take up to 30 years to complete, however in the meantime the city has developed some smaller scale projects to include: the restoration of the Rock Island Swing Bridge, and continuing the expansion of the Trailhead Park, that will eventually run to Hastings. 

The neighborhood is the oldest in Inver Grove Heights and its location along the Mississippi River holds a lot of potential. Over the years, the neighborhood has seen many changes, and with public investments the area is moving forward.

Tom Link, Inver Grove Heights community development director, explains the Concord Boulevard redevelopment will play out very long term, but to expect big things in the coming years -- the city will keep acquiring properties from willing sellers and continue planning for the neighborhood’s bright future.  

Bill Ashton owner of Jerseyís Bar and Grill, explains that the renewal initiatives will clean up the area and attract more traffic along Concord, which will help both existing and future businesses for years to come. “I’m excited for it, and I think it’ll be great for the area.”

With its background and expertise, the City of Inver Grove alongside Progress Plus has the skills to manage any plan and make it outstanding, through dedication to details and by addressing all the business needs integral to suburban renewal.

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