Community asked to consider possible North St. Paul logos

As part of the Resilient Communities Project which taps into University of Minnesota know-how to help small cities redevelop and thrive, university design students have been working on logo designs for North St. Paul.

The city has the final choice in whether to adopt a new logo or stick with its current image.

But the challenge of real-world design has been integrated into the young designers' coursework, helping them hone their ideas and then see how well they'd work on signs, letterhead, posters and other media.

Each of eight students forwarded two different designs to the city, and the options were showcased at the Oct. 17 Resilient Communities Project open house at City Hall.

Attendees were asked to indicate each student's best design, including comments on why that particular design worked better than the other.

Students' work was posted anonymously and people were asked to respond to the designs by number, indicating their choices and criteria in emails to

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