Letter: ‘New absentee vote rights’

To the editor:

On Nov. 5, we will elect a new Mayor and two City Council Members for Maplewood. Last year a bill was passed that we would have a no excuse needed for the right to vote on absentee ballot, so you can go to City Hall and vote anytime convenient for you. No waiting in long lines, or fearing bad weather.

I would like to add the three people I am supporting have not formed an alliance. I am working on the three separate campaigns and to this point have never had any piece of literature that implies otherwise. They all have a healthy respect for each other, and have the same goal. To keep Maplewood a thriving City. 

I chose to support Nora Slawik for Mayor because I have dealt with her for 14 years as a legislator and she is well acquainted with the needs and priorities of our city.

Kathy Juenemann has been an anchor through the years and we really need her experience. Her dad was a person in charge of New Canada-Gladstone and I love his quote “City Council is not a position of power, it is a position of service”.

Marylee Abrams  may be new to City Council but she has a lot of experience in many different committees.

Our Voter turn out for Primary was very poor at 9 percent. Maplewood became known as Minnesota’s most Disfunctional City 7 years ago,  two of those same people are running again. Please get out and VOTE!

Christeen M Stone

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