Letter: ‘Head and shoulders above anyone else’

To the editor:

It is not unusual for people to ask me about the best candidates in a local election and this year is no exception. I thought I could save some people the call by writing this letter. My choice for Mayor is Nora Slawik. A lesson I learned early on is the importance of Maplewood’s relationship with the State and County. Nora’s legislative experience and friendships puts her head and shoulders above anyone else in representing Maplewood.

I generally prefer candidates with some experience in office or on commissions so they have an understanding of how a city works. Mary Lee Abrams does not have that type of experience but has been practicing law for 30 years and a large part of her body of work has been with cities. She has the underlying knowledge base I like but also offers that fresh perspective that many voters say they are looking for.

During my years on the council I have been privileged to serve with some great council members, who have had a variety of knowledge and talents, but the best of them all is Kathy Jueneman. Her historical knowledge of all things Maplewood and her determination to keep the city moving in a positive direction is unmatched. At our meetings, it is obvious Kathy has done her homework and is prepared to hold in depth discussions and make necessary decisions.

Elect these three candidates and you will provide a solid base for the city to build on into the foreseeable future.

Will Rossbach
Maplewood mayor

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