Letter: ‘Lot to be grateful for’

To the editor:

Election is over and we all have a lot to be grateful for with the results. We elected three very well qualified ladies to guide our City Government for the next four years. They will be open to citizen input on many issues as they keep us the growing thriving City, we have been the past four years.

They will need to look at our needs as a city, not just individuals, so we may not always agree on every issue. I do hope we can avoid the animosity displayed in the decision to go to one Trash Hauling Service two years ago.  I had talked with communities all around us that had that type service and they were very satisfied. It was certainly better for our roads and streets as well as the environment.

Congratulations to Mayor Nora Slawik, and Council Member Marylee Abrams on the good, clean campaigns they ran to win this election. Kathy Juenemann’s reelection and campaign was run in the same manner. I have absolute confidence we have made wise choices and will stay a growing thriving City. When I look at Maplewood on the map and see how spread out it is, I marvel that we can come together as we do. Sort of envy North St Paul’s being compact. I am so glad that I chose Maplewood as my home 70 years ago, actually this was just New Canada when I came here and we voted at Gladstone City Hall. We have done well.

Christeen M Stone

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