Letter: Issues with voting

To the editor:

After two hours of errands on Tuesday, Nov. 5, I remembered to go vote. 

I went to Covenant Church. However, there weren’t any voting signs on Hamline or Centennial. I must be mistaken, went to Centennial Church. “No, you vote at Covenant.”

Back at Covenant, sure enough, there was one Vote Here sign, way up near the entrance. With my Roseville Review roster of School Board candidates in hand, I proceed to vote. The names on the ballot were not the same as my list. I live in Roseville but vote for Mounds View School Board candidates, they said. Well, of course, I should have known that! No one there (nor anyone sense) could tell me HOW I should have known that.

So, there was no voting by me.

Mary DePrey

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