Letter: ‘Extremely disappointed’

To the editor:

I was extremely disappointed in the Maplewood Election Results. Especially since Nora Slawik has no intention of bringing back the Citizens’ Forum. The Forum was started by Mayor Gary Bastian and continued through Mayors Bob Cardinal, George Rossbach, and Diana Longrie. Will changed the format and only held 3 of them before discontinuing. Nora says she wants to communicate with citizens -- what better way than the once a month Citizens’ Forum. They have been so successful in the past. Please bring the Citizens’ Forum back.
As a past election judge for 45 years I found out that Maplewood is predominately Democratic and too many voters do not know who they are voting for, but because the Democratic Party endorses any candidates, that’s who they vote for.  So much for City Elections being non-partisan.  Also this was a very dirty campaign especially when AFSCME sent out 3 mailings with what I consider to be  LIES and GARBAGE against the 3 losers.
As for Organized Garbage, there were 3 Public Hearings jammed with citizens both in the council chambers and the whole entry to City Hall -- opposing Organized Garbage with only a few for it. Yet Kathy Juenemann voted for it against the wishes of the citizens. So much for listening to the voters.
I was hoping for the  next 4 years to be fruitful for Maplewood. Guess I’ll have to wait another 4 years and hope that the Election is clean and not endorsed by any Political Party.

Anne Fosburgh


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