The robbers wore black — except for the skeleton designs

South-West Review police reports Nov, 24, 2013

Plus, your police-report Irving Berlin allusion  for the week

West St. Paul

Traffic stop
— You‘d think people who drive without licenses would be carefulto avoid trouble, but then maybe there‘s a reason they lost the licenses in the first place: an officer pulled a driver over near Orme Street and Robert Street Nov. 12 after watching the driver switch lanes multiple times without using his blinkers. After learning the man had no license, no insurance and had missed his last three court appearances, the officer decided to arrest the man to make sure he‘d stick around to sort out his legal woes.

Ordinance violation
— No, your neighbor isn’t taking the time to bag his leaves because he’s a neat freak: an officer stopped by a home near the corner of Butler Avenue and Charlton Street Nov. 12 to advise the resident that blowing leaves out of the lawn and into the street was not a solution, and in fact it violated city code. The resident agreed to blow the leaves back out of the street posthaste; it remains to be seen where they end up next.

— There‘s nothing like buying groceries to work up a powerful thirst: police were called to a bar on the 1200 block of Robert St. Nov. 12 on a theft complaint. The reporting party explained he‘d left a rolling suitcase containing $20 worth of groceries outside the bar to keep it cool while he went in for a drink. When he walked out, the suitcase was gone. The man said there were a couple of shifty characters who left the bar about an hour before him, but other than that he had no idea who would do such a thing. The man clarified he didn‘t need a report filed, but simply wanted officers to be aware it may no longer be safe to leave groceries unattended outside the bar.

Assisting the public
— After learning she‘d contacted the police station Nov. 13, an elderly resident requested the officer transfer her call to her doctor‘s office. The officer replied he neither knew who her doctor was nor was capable of connecting her call, though he could send emergency help. The woman seemed incredulous at his claim, but insisted she didn‘t need emergency responders. Finally she concluded her poor vision had caused her to misdial and hung up.

Disturbing the peace
— You’ve got your love to keep you warm, but perhaps turning on the heater is a better option: police were called to the parking lot of a pet supply store on the 1900 block of Robert St. the afternoon of Nov. 18 on a report of a couple getting intimate in a pickup despite the cool weather. Police met with the couple, who insisted they were merely talking and hugging. They added, somewhat ominously, that it would be “very daring“ to try anything more in such a public area (probably not the adjective officers would have used). They were released without a citation.

Auto theft
 — A silver 2007 Dodge Caliber was reported stolen from the Walgreens parking lot on the 1100 block of Robert St. Nov. 18.
 — A maroon 1995 Chevy Yukon was reported stolen on the 300 block of Haskell St. Nov. 12.

Suspicious activity
— What an age we live in that you need protection even if your lascivious acts are strictly digital: a resident at an apartment complex on the 1900 block of Oakdale Ave. called police Nov. 13 seeking help from an officer with “computer knowledge.“ The man explained he‘d been looking at a pornographic website when he received a popup telling him he owed money to the federal government. The officer advised him it was a scam and he might need to get the popup virus wiped from his computer.

Inver Grove Heights

— Double-checking an address not only saves you from embarrassment, it can keep you out of jail: a resident on the 7500 block of Banning Way called police Nov. 2 to complain about a stranger knocking on the door. Police responded to the home and found the stranger in question standing next to his truck in the driveway. The man explained he’d come to visit his friend and showed officers a text message on his phone to provehe’d been invited to the address. Officers read the text and informed the man he was at the wrong house, but at this point they were more concerned by the fact he was clearly intoxicated and had just been driving. The man said his girlfriend had dropped him off with the truck and then she’d been picked up by someone else —a story he said she would corroborate. When he got her on the phone, however, she told officers she hadn’t seen the man since the previous night. After a breathalyzer showed the man to have a .18 blood alcohol content, officers arrested himand searched his car. Inside they found a loaded handgun, which was particularly troubling considering he has a previous felony conviction. He was transported to Dakota County Jail and booked for DWI, ineligible person in possession of a firearm and carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle.

OFP service
— Despite what you might think, the parking lot of a strip club is probably not the best place for a nap: an officer stopped to check on a man he found asleep the driver’s seat of a running car outside the King of Diamonds Nov. 8. The officer led the man through a series of field sobriety tests; although he was not intoxicated, the man did admit to having marijuana in his vehicle. While checking the man’s record, the officer learned he has a pending order of protection filed against him in Wright County. The officer served the man the short form of the order, cited him for the weed and released him at the scene.

Aggravated robbery
— A resident at Salem Greens Apartments called police Nov. 1 to report he’d been robbed. The man said he was walking from his apartment to his car when two young men knocked him down and rifled through his pockets, eventually taking his wallet and cigarettes. The victim said he didn’t get a clear look at his assailants and the only thing he could see was that they were both wearing black clothes with skeletons printed on them. Police searched the area with a K-9 unit but were unable to find any trace of the robbers.

South St. Paul

Disorderly conduct
— There’s nothing worse than family drama right before the holidays: police responded to a report of two women fighting in the stairwell of an apartment complex on the 1900 block of Parkwood Drive Nov. 14. Police learned the dispute involved a 23-year-old woman and her 41-year-old stepmother. The 23-year-old told officers she’d been visiting her dad’s apartment and was attacked by his wife as she was heading for the stairs to go up to her own apartment. The daughter, who attributed the attack to jealousy, said the stepmother punched her in the back and threw her keys, purse and cell phone at her. According to the stepmother, she was upset because her husband was keeping documents in a safe in his daughter’s apartment and she confronted the daughter about this in the hall, but it was the daughter who escalated the argument to an all-out brawl. Officers cited both women for disorderly conduct; the report didn’t mention the whereabouts of the man at the center of this meltdown.

Auto theft
— A maroon 2000 Ford Excursion was reported stolen on the 300 block of Richmond St. Nov. 19. The owner said he left the vehicle running and unlocked while he went into his business to pick up some tools; when he returned five minutes later the SUV was gone.

— Police responded a liquor store on the 1100 block of Southview Blvd. Nov. 15 to help a customer reporting she’d just been robbed. An officer met with the alleged victim at the store, who said she’d been knocked down while walking along the 100 block of 12th Ave. and relieved of her wallet by an unknown man. The officer found the woman to be heavily intoxicated while he was talking to her, and also noted she “appeared more concerned about getting more alcohol than getting a safe ride home” — an observationthat that seemed inconsistent with the behavior of crime victims in his experience. The officer revisited the scene described by the woman but was unable to find any blood spots in the ground, despite her claims that she’d cut her head on the sidewalk and had been bleeding profusely. The case remains open pending further information.

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