You’re never too old to fight with your sister

South-West Review police reports Dec. 8, 2013

West St. Paul

Disturbing the peace
Something about the holidays seems to bring out the inner child in everyone: police received a call from a 19-year-old woman on the 800 block of Deppe St. Dec. 2 who wanted to report her 21-year-old sister was hitting her (the dispatcher noted the sister could be heard in the background insisting it was untrue). Police determined the scuffle was mutual and the most pronounced casualty was a broken window. No citations were issued, but one of the sisters opted to leave the home before Santa Claus got wise to their antics.

—  Turns out even if you don’t plan to pay, you should still note the value: loss prevention staff at Target successfully predicted one woman’s intention to shoplift several clothing items Nov. 26 based on the fact she never looked at the price tags. Thanks to the tipoff, police were already on hand to make the arrest when the woman tried to leave the store.
—  Getting caught shoplifting is bad enough, but when you’re already at odds with the law it can really ruin your day/next 3-5 years: a woman apprehended by police in the Target parking lot Nov. 29 freely handed over her stolen merchandise, but was more reticent with her ID. She first gave police a fake name, but was later identified by a charge card officers found in her vehicle —  along with two loaded handgun magazines. It turned out the vehicle was actually stolen and the woman had a warrant out of Anoka County for felony theft, as well as some outstanding domestic abuse charges in South St. Paul Police. She was arrested at the scene and transported to Dakota County Jail.

Check welfare
—  Police were called to Robert Street near Thompson Avenue Nov. 27 on a report of a man pacing back and forth through traffic, talking to himself and gesturing wildly. An officer eventually caught up with the man near Robert and Emerson, where he explained he was talking to himself because no one else would listen. Due to his impeccable logic and the fact there were no signs of drinking, the officer let him go with a warning to use the crosswalks from now on.

Suspicious activity
—  Give these stoners five points for sparing their neighbors the smell, but subtract 10 points for their solution: an officer caught up with two men and one woman sitting in a car in an apartment parking lot on the 300 block of Marie Ave. Nov. 29 as they were rolling up joints. The officer then searched the vehicle and seized several grams of weed, a grinder, pipes and other paraphernalia. The would-be smokers were released at the scene.

Inver Grove Heights

Disturbing the peace
—  The squeaky wheel gets the handcuffs: police responded to a report of a disturbance at an apartment complex on the 4800 block of Ashley Lane Nov. 16. Officers were met in the hallway by an inebriated 20-year-old woman crying and screaming profanities and claiming her roommate had bashed her over the head with a glass bottle. However, given 1) the fact that the supposed victim had no injuries consistent with being struck by a bottle 2) no one else in the apartment corroborated her claim and 3) the fact that the supposed victim was drinking underage and seemed to be the loudest person present, officers opted to handcuff her at the scene and transport her to Ramsey County Detox. Before leaving, officers searched the purse the woman planned to take with her to detox and found a glass pipe, a one-hitter, a grinder and a pack of rolling papers, which earned her an additional citation.

—  If you plan to tell a tall tale to police, it’s best to iron out the details before they arrive: a man called police from his home on the 11000 block of Rich Valley Blvd. Nov. 17 claiming he’d been assaulted. Officers who arrived on scene noted the man had facial swelling, a small laceration under his eye and a broken tooth to back up his story —  if only he knew what his story was. According to his account, he was jumped by either two or six people, who arrived either by unknown means or an older model Cadillac, then either attacked the victim immediately or talked to him for 15 minutes first, either hitting over the head with a metal pipe or throwing it at him, among a myriad of other shifting details. At one point he directed police to the driveway to see what he claimed was the pipe used in the attack, but he became less sure of this claim with the pipe turned out to be a piece of rubber tubing. Officers then asked whether the confrontation occurred after an alleged incident in which the reporting party struck another car while driving recklessly earlier, but the man declined to answer the question. Given the lack of clear information, officers labeled the case inactive.

Auto theft
—  A white 2004 Ford F-550 was reported stolen from Gerten’s Greenhouse Nov. 18. The vehicle is valued at $45,000 and bears red Gerten’s decals on the side.

South St. Paul

Traffic stop
—  An officer pulled over a vehicle eastbound on Dwane Street near Stewart Avenue Nov. 29 after she ran the plates and learned the registered owner had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. When she approached the vehicle, however, the officer found the driver was a woman, and not the registered owner. But this twist had little impact on the outcome: the woman had two outstanding warrants of her own as well as an expired license. She was taken into custody and transported to Dakota County Jail after her father arrived on scene to pick up the vehicle and her infant son.

Auto theft
—  A green 1994 Chevy pickup with a green topper was reported stolen on the 200 block of Second Ave. S. Dec. 3.


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