Letter: City Council kicks can down road

To the editor:

Last year the Shoreview City Council increased debt to a total of $31 million.

2014 tax increases (if approved) would come to about 3.4%, and next year 5.1 % is proposed, the council (if it passes the budget as proposed) will increase salaries yet another 2% and pay for more health care costs.
Service on debt is already estimated at $2,429,890 for 2013.

Ramsey County and the school board froze their levies at 0% increase.

Salary freezes, staff reductions, reducing services, delaying road and park construction, selling maintenance vehicles, selling the Civic Center, reducing police services, turning off lights when they leave the room. These ideas will maintain a good level of enjoyment yet make living here affordable. These idea’s the Council won’t entertain because they don’t want to make hard decisions. How can the good citizens of Shoreview allow this to happen?

Shoreview residents find services here commendable, but the tradeoff they pay is life becomes no longer affordable.

Chris Wolff

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