Letter: Response to organized trash hauling column

To the editor:

John Marty and his big government cronies are now proud of controlling our lives through our garbage! The hidden meaning is not very obscure! In his Viewpoints essay in the Roseville Review on 11/26 we see the true colors of big government paternalism.  

While I agree with some of the arguments for an organized collection system (less traffic, short term cost savings) the bigger issue is control. Senator Marty represents the thinking that government can provide waste collection services better than the free market. The City of Roseville, for example, can do a better job deciding how my trash is processed than I can. Hmm maybe the City would like to decide how many cars I can park on my property, if I can build an addition on my house, how many non-relatives can live in my home, how high the grass can grow in my yard…Oh wait, they do this already!  

Do we really want our trash collection added to this list? Let’s allow garbage haulers to hire our fellow citizens so they can make a living, attract us with low priced alternatives, figure out ways to reduce traffic flow, and make trash processing safer for our environment.

Senator Marty, please spend your time passing laws that encourage trash haulers (and other businesses) to grow their businesses rather than empowering cities to control the market!  

Steve Zorn


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