Letter: Organized trash collection could be a win-win

To the editor:

Steve Zorn (in a letter to the editor published Dec. 10) says that trash collection is an issue of control -- “controlling our lives through our garbage.” Trash collection equals “big government.” Really? I doubt that Mr. Zorn is a bigger control freak than I am, but I try to not let my emotional responses take over my reasoning. 

What Mr. Zorn sees as the current “free market” of trash collection, I see as the costly duplication of all of Roseville’s trash collectors driving up and down of all of Roseville’s streets -- duplication we all pay for. If all of our households were businesses in the same industry (which we are) we would form a group purchasing organization (like the city) to purchase our police, fire, and yes, trash hauling and other services we all require.  I understand a nearby city has done this with trash collection with significant savings. Certainly we can inquire about the details of this with the neighboring city and learn from their experience. Wouldn’t this be the “low priced alternative(s)” Mr. Zorn hopes for? And I think this would allow, as now, “garbage haulers to hire our fellow citizens...”, and we know it would “reduce the traffic flow” he hopes for. 

I think “WE” should “control the market”, not the costly duplicators. If group purchasing meant selecting one of the several trash collectors, I would have some concern, but allocating sections of the city in proportions determined by current market share seems like a win-win for all concerned. 

Harry Wernecke

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