Letter: ‘A good team’

To the editor:

Once again we are starting a new year, with  new City Council leadership. I have ever confidence we have a good team in charge. I do thank Will for all he accomplished as Mayor during his four years. Maplewood Mall in particular has improved so much and I do appreciate the environmental  improvements there for watershed.

We all owe Kathy Juenemann a vote of thanks for staying on to help for another term.

Mayor Nora Slawik is very knowledgeable about the needs of Maplewood and is from the South side, where some people feel they’re neglected. I am sure she is aware of that and welcomes their contacts.

Marylee Abrams is a really good fit for the job with her experience as a teacher, attorney, and her work to improve education.

I have two regrets, the first that only 9% of our citizens voted in the final election. More will be there to complain, if they are not pleased. Choosing good leadership is very important.

I felt the money spent by the Trash Haulers to trash my candidates was bad , but then guess that is what they deal in, TRASH.

My thanks to all of you who cared enough to get out to VOTE. Looking forward to four great years ahead.

Christeen M Stone


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