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Nothing funny at White Castle, except woman ROFL in front of counter - South-West Review police reports Jan. 12, 2014

West St. Paul

Check welfare — Using liquor to take the edge off cold weather is time-honored tradition, but drink too much and you might lose more than the shivers: an officer patrolling Emerson Avenue the evening of Jan. 6 observed a man tottering through temperatures of 16 below without a hat, gloves or much else in the way of winter clothing. The officer convinced the man to take a ride and arranged for him to spend the night in the cozy comforts of detox.

Suspicious activity — Sometimes the desire to warm up can outpace your sense of decorum: an officer confronted a young couple parked outside the West St. Paul Sports Complex apparently using body heat to overcome frigid conditions the night of Jan. 7. The officer advised the couple they would do well to continue someplace warmer and more private.

Drunkenness — Some occupations don’t lend themselves to New Year’s revery: a customer at a gas station on the 1200 block of Robert St. called police just after midnight Jan. 2 to report what appeared to be an intoxicated taxi driver. The caller said he’d watched as the driver kicked a woman out of the car and then slammed into a curb as he pulled away. The taxi was gone by the time an officer made it to the scene, but the officer did locate the woman who’d been kicked out mid-ride. She confirmed her driver was driving erratically and seemed unusually surly, and added she’d already put in a complaint with the company.
— You’re never too old to play in the snow, but perhaps you’re too sober: police were called to a shoe store on the 1600 block of Robert St. on a report of an intoxicated man who’d come into the store covered in snow and mumbling to himself Jan. 3. Police found the man sitting on the floor next to the door when they arrived. He was transported to detox after blowing a .22 on a breathalyzer.

Disturbing the peace — Some problems work themselves out: police were called to a bar on the 1200 block of Robert St. Jan 4 to remove a woman after she attempted to slap another customer. A bar employee called back moments later and cancelled the call: apparently the woman had advised a man to buy her a drink; when he declined, she became offended and stormed out.

Public assist — Perhaps not as dangerous as a drunk driver, but still a terror on the roads: an officer chased down a “rogue” shopping cart seen rolling down the 1700 block Robert St. in the pre-dawn hours of Jan. 3. “Cart did not have lights and was not signaling its turns,” the officer reported. “It was corralled and no longer poses a public safety concern.”

Civil assist — Everyone secretly desires to be fought over, but it’s harder to appreciate when the only words you understand are “go for a ride” and your name: a St. Paul man called West St. Paul police Jan. 4 saying his therapy dog had been stolen out of his home. The man said he hadn’t contacted St. Paul Police yet, because he knew where the dog was and intended to resolve the issue immediately. An officer met the man outside an apartment on the 900 block of Robert St., where they met with a woman who declared herself the new owner. The woman said her sister had given her the dog a month ago; the man countered the dog wasn’t hers to give, but conceded he was on drugs at the time. The officer finally explained he couldn’t decree a rightful owner on the spot as there was no documentation on hand to verify the ownership claims. The dog remained in West St. Paul pending further action.

Inver Grove Heights

Disturbing the peace — Holiday cheer in liquid form: police were dispatched to White Castle Dec. 11 on a report of an intoxicated woman making a scene. Upon arrival, officers found the woman lying on the floor in front of the cash registers, laughing. She told officers she hadn’t been drinking, but her .18 blood alcohol content suggested otherwise. Once in the squad car, the woman shifted through moods rapidly, including crying, idle chatter and flirting. After arriving at Ramsey County Detox, however, she took a turn for the (marginally) worse. As she was escorted into the facility the woman screamed back at the officers, “I hope you have a merry [expletive] Christmas!”

Counterfeit — The cash may not have value, but the story behind it would be worth something: police were called to a gas station on the 3200 block of 57th St. Dec. 7 on a report of a counterfeit bill. An employee at the station told police a customer had paid for $40 worth of gas with a $100 bill, took $60 in change and left. Only then did the employee realize the $100 was a fake, but he did manage to take down the license plate of the customer for police. An officer then ran the plates and met the owner at his residence to get his side of the story. The customer told the officer he was unaware the bill was fake, and said he’d found it tucked in the pages of an old magazine that his stepfather gave him years ago. How his stepfather came in to possession of the bill or why he stowed it in the magazine remains a mystery, as he passed away in 2008. Given the revelation, however, the man agreed to return to the gas station and pay for the gas. (Gas station employees later confirmed to police the man made good on his promise.)

Drug activity — In the end, it probably would have been cheaper to spring for a locksmith: a man called police Dec. 18 seeking help after locking his keys in his car on the 3600 block of 83rd St. Once the responding officer unlocked the car, however, he immediately noticed a glass pipe and a heavy odor of marijuana. The vehicle owner confessed he had a baggie under the driver seat, which he said he’d forgotten about when he called police. The officer confiscated the stash and cited the man for the weed and paraphernalia.

South St. Paul

Suspicious activity — At least he’s out of the cold: police were called to an apartment complex on the 200 block of Marie Ave. Jan. 7 on a report of an unknown man sleeping in the entryway. The man was still asleep when officers arrived, but rather than kicking him out into the cold, the officers were kind enough to transport him to Dakota County Jail after learning he had an active warrant.

Fraud — A woman called police Jan. 6 to report a telephone scam her 86-year-old father narrowly avoided. The called explained that two women had called her father and informed him his daughter had been arrested in Carlton County and needed $1,750 for bail. The man attempted to wire the money as instructed, but fortunately bank employees recognized the scam and prevented the transaction. The caller provided the police the phone number the scammers had called from, but it connected to a legitimate business. Since no money was actually stolen, the report was labeled for information purposes only.

Theft — Approximately $750 worth of tools and equipment were stolen from an unlocked garage on 900 block of Ninth Ave. sometime between Dec. 19 and Dec. 29.
— Apparently all that New Years partying works up a powerful thirst: police were called to a bottling company on the 200 block of Bridgepoint Way in the early hours of Jan. 2 on a report of an attempted theft. Upon arrival, the supervisor told police he’s seen a man in his 20s driving a late-model silver Toyota Tacoma around to the rear of the facility. The supervisor thought it unusual since there were only a handful of employees and delivery drivers on duty overnight, so went back to meet the stranger. He found the man dressed all in black and lugging a case of Tahitian Treat to his truck. When confronted, the man said he’d paid one of the employees $10 for the beverages. When the supervisor asked him to step inside to give more details, the man dropped the fruit punch, jumped in his truck and sped off. A trucker in the lot at the time provided police with the man’s license plate, but it turned out to be registered to another vehicle.

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