Letter: Organized trash collection survey

To the editor:

During the first week of December I purchased a one quarter page ad in this paper with a survey return regarding the city of Roseville’s proposal for an organized trash collection operated by the city. Although the city proposed 8 benefits to be gained by this organized trash proposal, I posed the most important question on this issue that must be considered by the citizens of Roseville, that being whether or not we want to give our right and freedom to choose with whom we can do business with at our home site. In its proposal, the City would mandate who you would do business with at your home for your trash collection.

I was pleased that there were over 100 mailed back returns from Roseville citizens with over 92 percent opposed to such a proposal. I have been told that the City will also do a survey on this same issue, paid for by taxpayers. However, I am unsure whether this all important question will be included. I am sure, however, that if the right question is asked as was done in this survey, the results will be the same regardless of the survey size.

The results of this survey have been delivered to each of the Roseville city council members. When this issue appears before the city council again, I would hope that Roseville citizens will show up in numbers to voice their opposition. As in the past two instances when this issue was considered, I believe the point has once again been made loud and clear. My thanks to all who responded.

R. J. Houck


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