Letter: Safe and Supportive MN Schools Act, HF-826

To the Editor:

The Minnesota Senate will soon take up something called the Safe and Supportive MN Schools Act, HF-826. The deception starts with the title. It is supposed to be new anti-bullying legislation, but instead bullies parents, students and teachers to accept a radical social agenda.

According to the Minnesota Child Protection League, the legislation is heavily weighted toward the social and cultural values of the GLBT community. In other words, this law is a direct assault on freedom of conscience and traditional family values.

Under the legislation, a student can be reported anonymously as being a bully.  He or she has no right to face his accuser and remediation and re-education can begin immediately without parents being informed! Cooperation is mandatory under threat of expulsion. The record of being a bully may become part of your son or daughter’s permanent school record affecting such things as scholarship opportunities or college selection.

Under the law, local school districts must knuckle under to a vast unfunded bureaucracy called the School Climate Center in the Minnesota Department of Education. But any costs and re-training of teachers must be paid for by the local school districts!

The proposed legislation is so unbelievable that I have to wonder if this is Minnesota or Communist China under Mao. Parents and grandparents contact your state senator now. Tell them to kill the Safe and Supportive MN Schools Act for good. Let local school districts handle any real bullying. 

Richard “Rick” Moses
New Brighton


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