Oakdale Optical: your ally in improved vision

Oakdale Optical now offers a more comfortable, spacious setting for patients to receive exams or browse for eyewear.

Customers who haven’t been to Oakdale Optical recently may think their eyes are playing tricks on them. The optical center actually moved two doors down from its former location, and is now located directly next to the Caribou Coffee at 10th Street and Hadley Avenue.

Each patient at Oakdale Optical is the focus of the attentive, professional staff.

The staff at Oakdale Optical knows that when you see better, you feel better.

“The eye itself can tell you so much about a person’s overall health system,” explains Dr. Trent Cole of Oakdale Optical Center. “Your vision affects everything.”

Cole, who purchased the practice seven years ago, is continuing Oakdale Optical Center’s 21-year tradition of serving the community.

In addition to offering a full range of optical services and high quality eyewear as well as treating standard eye conditions, the center specializes in treating eye movement disorders — frequently getting referrals from Children’s Hospitals and Clinics.

Vision screenings show one out of six children in local schools has an eye movement disorder, which affects all aspects of their lives, not just academics.

However, the growing ability to treat eye-movement problems, often with a simple regimen of exercises, means more children can tackle study and playtime with sound vision.

Oakdale Optical uses the latest technologies to diagnose and treat these disorders and other conditions. Optometric Vision Therapy, a progressive program of procedures, helps patients develop or improve fundamental visual skills and can change how the brain interprets visual images.

Early diagnosis and intervention keeps youngsters from falling behind on skills and learning they might miss due to vision problems. Dr. Cole gets numerous letters from young adults heading off to college telling him how much treatment has benefited them.

In addition to treating eye movement disorders, Oakdale Optical also partners with local schools and sports teams to conduct baseline concussion testing.

Personalized service

At any age, patients enjoy the personalized attention they receive at Oakdale Optical. 

“We provide a great comprehensive eye exam in a friendly, personal environment,” Dr. Cole notes, adding the center also provides eye exams for diabetes and high blood pressure and can treat a range of eye diseases including glaucoma, dry eyes and allergy eyes.

Dr. Cole and his staff take the time to help patients make decisions they’re happy with and can help them maximize their insurance participation — notably by being a preferred provider for major plans.

Oakdale Optical also recently improved its own visibility, moving two doors down from its former location to provide a more comfortable environment for patients.

And it’s clear that patients love to come back — the center has won the Oakdale-Lake Elmo Review Readers’ Choice Award for “best place for an eye exam” 14 years in a row. The success that Oakdale Optical has had in the local community has allowed the practice to expand to Woodbury and Cottage Grove, Dr. Cole notes, so the center strives to give back to the community that has supported it by routinely donating to local charitable causes. 

Head to Oakdale Optical to see the difference clear vision can make in your life and the lives of your family members.

What to watch for

Parents who are concerned their children may have vision problems can look for a variety of clues that may suggest treatment is needed. Clues include:

• One eye turning in or out at a time, redounded eyes or lids, excessive tearing, encrusted eyelids or frequent sty growth on the lids.

• Frequent headaches, burning or itching of eyes after reading or desk work, seeing double or finding words blur together.

• Children who turn their heads while reading across a page, lose their place frequently while reading, squint or repeatedly confuse left and right directions.

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