Letter: Against organized trash collection

(In response to letter published Jan. 28)

To the edtor:

Some Roseville residents want organized trash collection, allowing Roseville’s council to engage in anticompetitive conduct, to the extent necessary, for planning and implementation. Statute 115A.94, revised by Senator Marty and Scalze, both Democrats, gives immunity to officials organizing collection from, “liability under state laws relating to antitrust, restraint of trade, unfair trade practices...”. This boils down to losing freedom, not only to operate or start a business, but families choosing service providers, and collection of multiple licensing fees.

Proponents site savings, safety, and unanimous support within certain Commissions and advocacy groups. The reality is no evidence supports saving money over the long term. Supporters never mention heavier trucks damage roads, or provide statistically relevant accident data. Supposed apolitical organizations supporting organizing is an erroneous, yet printable, factoid.

Maybe citizens don’t care to study this non-issue. The fervent complainers, shall save ignoramuses, regulating organizing, our household services. Sounds like limiting soda-pop sales based on ounces served? By price, folks might choose a $12.99/64-gallon hauler, $1.01 over Maplewood’s $11.98/65- gallon. Should customers, switch, a different $13.00/64-gallon hauler might lower prices preventing customer rebellion. Maplewood residents will never experience this phenomenon - prices going down. Residents shouldn’t expect egregious 28% county and 9.75% state taxes to ever decrease. It takes government to force businesses out of a market, thereby ensuring fees, like taxes, go one and only one direction - up. Tell city council members, Marty, and Scalze, hands-off our trash!!!

Ashley Furstonberg


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