Letter: ‘Maryland Ave. is a dangerous road’

To the editor:

The new St. Paul Bike Plan is critical for the future of our city.  Fewer and fewer young people are getting drivers licenses and are choosing places to live based upon how easy it is to get about by foot, bicycle and public transportation. 

I currently bike to work year-round between Lake Phalen and the North End.  Riding in below zero temperatures is not that hard when you’re pumping blood through your system and much easier with studded tires.

Congested Maryland Avenue is a dangerous road for pedestrians and bicyclists.  Would you want your child playing nearby on the sidewalk? Have you tried crossing by foot?

We need to have city streets that are safe for people and not built only for two-ton cars with usually just one person sitting inside, isolated from the community around them, and speeding past businesses and pedestrians without looking.

We can change this by advocating that Maryland truly become safer through traffic calming and welcoming other forms of transportation.  This is an integral way to get across the northern portion of our city, and it has been left out of the bike plan, save for the bridge. 

Let’s make Maryland a safe city street and take our neighborhoods back from the dominance and priority of the car!

Eric Saathoff
East Side St. Paul


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