Letter: League of Women Voters’ position on organized trash collection

To the editor:

I write this letter to inform Roseville residents of the positions of the League of Women Voters of Roseville/Maplewood/Falcon Heights (RoMaFH) on trash hauling. I have been a resident of Roseville since 1961 and member of the LWV RoMaFH for 48 years.

As an active member of this league in the early 1980’s, I was directly involved when the League studied garbage and trash collection. This study extended over several years. Our earliest adopted League Position, from the earlier part of the study, (1982) is:

To support action to remove yard waste, newspaper, glass, metal and other recyclables from the waste stream going to landfills; and government support of yard waste composting by encouraging individual composting and providing and maintaining sites for community composting.

(Much of this position, from 1982, has been accomplished.)

In 1985 a second League Position (29 years ago) was presented to our membership and adopted.  That position is:

To support the establishment of organized refuse collection to be supervised by the municipality and source separation of recyclables with the City contracting with haulers for curb side pickup.  Cities are encouraged to support source separation of recyclables by variable charges for refuse collection.  

The League members have continued to consider these two positions and have annually voted to support, maintain and update them if and when appropriate.  The League has continued further study with any new information which has available and as recent as 2013. The two league positions continue to stand as adopted as originally stated.

Ann Berry


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