Letter: 'Grateful in District 4'

To the editor:

Looking at  the legislative decisions we’ll be making this year, I’m grateful I’m in District 4.

I’ve appreciated having legislators with the same goals I do. 

As my new legislator, Rep. Peter Fischer’s done a great job.  As a senior advocate on health-care issues, I’m pleased he joined that committee. He’s done an excellent job on environmental issues, especially the water problem in White Bear Lake.

I appreciate Rep. Leon Lillie. I’ll still be lobbying him as the other half of District 43.

I’m happy we elected Nora Slawik , who he replaced, as the Maplewood mayor. I know we’re in good hands.

My history with Congresswoman Betty McCollum goes back to when she was a state representative.

She’s done a wonderful job in this gridlocked session. She has my strong support.

The district convention is March 8. We will be endorsing candidates for the next term, and considering a senator.

Sen.  Al Franken has done an excellent job for us and will have my support. He’s served our needs, working in the best interest of all of us.

I’ve appreciated Gov. Dayton’s many changes to get us back on the right track; I am especially grateful he made education a priority.

In summary, I would like to thank those who’ve served us well.

I’ve appreciated Sen. Chuck Wiger as my senator for several years. He has done some excellent work on education and veterans issues.

Who we choose to vote for is important. We should all be active in voting.

Christeen M. Stone


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