Letter: Supports state representative candidate

To the editor:

Tim Utz will bring the Constituiton back.

Over the last several years the United States and Minnesota have slowly watched government take over and intrude into our daily lives. Whether it be the NSA spying on your emails and listening to our phone calls, or the Affordable Care Act, which is about neither Care or Affordability, mandating we buy a certain heath insurance plan lest we face a fine. Or our elected representaives in St. Paul voting to bulid themselves a multi million dollar office building at taxpayers expense. There is many hundreds of square feet of empty buildings in St. Paul. We don’t need to build another building.

There is a soloution. We elect politicians to office who not only are affected the same as you and I, but also someone who understands the Constitution of the USA and Minnesota. Tim Utz is involved in our community, and many times is mistaken for the elected representative already. What does this say about the person who actually is elected to represent us? Do you know who that is?

This summer watch for the Green Bus and vote for your Constitution, Vote for Tim Utz.

Glenn Kluthe
New Brighton

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