Letter: Sour Grapes and Non Partisanship

Ms. Fliflet’s recent letter stated I am engaged in partisan politics.  During her two unsuccessful council applications I recall partisanship was her selling point, but I digress. While she gives no examples I assume she makes this accusation simply because we disagree, therefore not worthy of “nonpartisanship”.  I have supported a policy the makes developers 100% responsible for infrastructure costs.  A policy so rare Moody’s recognized Lake Elmo for its protection of taxpayers.  When Ms. Fliflet and Steve DeLapp worked on master planning the downtown, close to $1,000,000 dollars was wasted.  Tax payers did get an environmental study; however the affected property owners would be responsible for this cost under our policy.  During Ms. Fliflet’s tenure as a policy maker taxpayer’s spent over $850,000 fixing developers mistakes.

The real issue is my reluctance to micromanage every aspect of the future residents life.  I refuse to mandate every home have a front porch or alleys with garages in the rear of the home.  You will never hear me say to a home owner requesting an addition to their home “you have enough square footage” or ask how many children you have before denying your request for a deck.  These are true stories of past “nonpartisanship” in Lake Elmo!

An election year is upon us, the choice is simple, do you want Lake Elmo to return to fear mongering, and demagoguery of the past?  Or would you like to continue down the path of a Lake Elmo that allows you to put that deck on you house, fence up to keep your kids safe, or the addition you have wanted on your home?  

Justin Bloyer

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