Letter: 'low expectations'

To the editor:

City officials are elected to uphold the Constitution and its implementing laws.  Instead, many politicians ignore or rewrite laws to advance pet projects and politically motivated agendas. 

City council members should know that all rights to use property were originally owned by each city’s government.   The fair transfer of a city’s usage rights to specific properties is intended to improve the quality of life for the city and its residents and for no other purpose.   Residents need access to jobs, food, housing, schools, and parks, but cities select only the needs their residents want.

Recently, land in Lake Elmo has been purchased for intensive housing development, without the city’s longstanding protections.  In the Old Village area, land has been up-zoned to allow 1,500 more new housing units in the city than the Met Council requires for the whole city.  Few residents are aware of the impending impacts and the city has denied requests to call town hall meetings to show why 20 years of citizen and professional planning has been abandoned, and the quality of life will be allowed to fall, as taxes, assessments, and government services expand. 

In 2012, the Village area was close to becoming a national example of excellence for both existing and new residents with well-planned lots, quality housing, and environmentally sustainable design.  If this happens, it will be in spite of the low expectations of the City’s elected leaders.

Steve DeLapp
Lake Elmo

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