Letter: Response to state representative’s statements

To the editor:

I would like to post a comment regarding State Rep, Barb Yarusso’s recent Legislative Update, dated March 27, 2014, on those who “deserve” property tax refunds.

Oh, thank God, our state representative is “committed to ensuring that all of the people who deserve [property tax] refunds receive them.”  Does Rep. Barb Yarusso have a tin ear? Does she not realize how a phrase like “all of the people who deserve refunds” lifts the veil to show how crudely arrogant she really is?  Where does the legislature, and Rep. Yarusso in particular, get off deciding who “deserves” to keep more of their own money?  Her flier promoting her “commitment” to making sure eligible taxpayers claim their rightful refunds just stinks of the holier-than-thou government mindset voters are so sick of.  One term has been more than enough—help save Rep. Yarusso’s character and vote her out of office, quick.

Marquetta Nickols
Arden Hills

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