Letter: Solar energy investment

To the editor:

A small group of Roseville residents and a few city officials from Roseville and Falcon Heights gathered recently to discuss acquiring solar energy in Roseville.

Brian Ross, a solar energy expert gave the group an update on solar energy field, said the easiest and cheapest access to solar energy for homeowners and businesses is through ëcommunity solar gardens’.

He said that a solar garden is a large set of solar panes--usually installed on flat roofs of large buildings--that is purchased by a minimum of 40 citizens who pay $250 to $1,000 for a lifetime investment share.

A Falcon Heights City Council member spoke at the meeting about their city’s positive experience with installing solar energy panels on their city hall. She said Falcon Heights decided to invest in solar energy because it is thrifty, helps protect the environment for the future generations, and it gets them back to the values of the “greatest generation”, the nickname for World War II generations.

Ross emphasized that local governments are critical in the development of energy solar. He said that cities can encourage solar development by offering incentives and enacting favorable building code options.

If you would like the City of Roseville to pursue lower energy bills for the city, businesses, and residents through solar energy, I suggest you contact City Council members and urge them to actively promote solar development in Roseville, and ask them to arrange for a presentation by a solar energy expert for the community to attend.

Neddy Wuertz


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