Letter: Garbage hauling choices

To the editor:

After reading the previous letter from a new Roseville resident who attempts to speak for all of us and to make sure our City Council doesn’t think so too, I want to make two comments.  I have lived here for 49 years and found it to be a wonderful town with many excellent attributes and services and place to raise children.

The majority of us old-timers are quiet and not much inclined to speak out, so for them I must say that selection of garbage haulers should be still our choice. I personally chose and like mine.  He is quiet and punctual. His service options fit my needs.

Secondly the much used argument about destroying our streets doesn’t hold water. School busses and utility trucks have a much higher per square inch weight loading than garbage trucks with their dual tiers and they come much more often.

So lets leave a good thing alone.

John Gulbranson

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