Letter: Supports state representative

To the editor:

Reading letters on April 23, 2014, I was dumbfounded by a reader’s response to Rep. Yarusso’s wording of an information mailer sent by Yarusso’s official House office list to communicate with constituents about nonpartisan and nonpolitical items. The complaint seemed to be based on the language used to help constituents understand changes to the property tax refund program and how to access information and file the form to enable people to obtain a refund. This is the phrase in dispute: “all of the people who deserve refunds”. Yarusso is not deciding who “deserves” refunds or not. She is only providing information to citizens to file and see if they are eligible. This refund is meant for low income seniors and others who otherwise might not be able to stay in their homes. The writer may not think those neighbors “”deserve” consideration, but others of us disagree. Arguing about language on a beneficial information mailer is like complaining about a co-worker bringing donuts from Cub in the morning verses Rainbow. It is unproductive whining.
Yarusso is not a polished politician but a teacher and is smart and does her homework, talks directly to an issue. Yarusso has earned another term.

Steve Petersen

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