Forgiveness requires forgiving

Crist Langelett
The Chaplain’s Corner

The most quoted and prayed prayer in all of Christendom is likely the model prayer that Christ gave His disciples. We call it “The Lord’s Prayer.” Perhaps we should call it the disciples prayer. He taught us as His disciples to pray that prayer.

One of my Bible studies goes into detail concerning the meaning of individual phrases and words. One that jumps out is Matthew 6:12. We ask God to forgive us as we forgive others. Verses 14 and 15 tell us that if we forgive others, God will answer our prayer and forgive us. It also states that if we do not forgive others, God will not forgive us.

We might all do well to take inventory and remember if there is even one individual that we have not forgiven for something. Our Lord told us to love our enemies and do good to those who do bad things to us. The best way to make a friend out of an enemy is to love them and show kindness. They can’t fight being loved forever.

Perhaps our Lord was including all of us when He prayed on the Cross. He may have been only praying for those who crucified Him. Either way He prayed, “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do,” (Luke 23:34). This certainly is a wonderful example of the ultimate in forgiveness. No one has done to us what we did to our Lord when our sins helped crucify Him. He loves and forgives all who ask Him.

Let’s face it, if God can love and forgive us, and He does, we can love others also. How about getting up tomorrow morning and making a conscious effort to show love and kindness to everyone all day. Anyhow, we know what pleases God. A little practice helps us do it better.

For the 2014 club, June 8 takes us to ll Chronicles 28 and John 17.

You will get a lot of enjoyment in being nice to people.


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