Letter: city wide meeting request

To the Editor:

Having read the Oakdale-Lake Elmo Review Wednesday May 21st article about the Lake Elmo neighborhood parks meeting schedule, I wish to respectfully request that the city of Lake Elmo also have a citywide meeting for all residents that addresses the total transformation of the city to everyone at the same time. It is nice to have informal small meetings, in a sort of meet and greet picnic atmosphere. However, with the massive changes being pursued by this administration it would be appropriate to encourage a large turnout from the entire city, so everyone hears all the comments and questions at the same time.

A citywide meeting would be an efficient, effective tool for communication and the proper method to obtain feedback from current residents.

A meeting at either the Lake Elmo Elementary School or Oakland Jr. High would be appropriate and permit residents the opportunity to meet their elected and appointed officials.

Best Regards,
Susan Dunn


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