Letter: Well wishes to 'Officer Mario'

To the editor:

Your excellent story concerning the conclusion of the 30-year career of Mario Reyes with the Mendota Heights Police Department caused our family to recall Officer Mario’s important contribution to the lives of young students in our area, including some of our own. Mario Reyes brought the D.A.R.E. program to local schools, instructing young people in the dangers of drug use and promoting drug avoidance.

All of us in this area have reason to thank and commend Officer Reyes on what he did to cultivate a relationship of trust between students and police personnel. His distinguished career in law enforcement touched the lives of many, and the benefits of his work will be ongoing.

For many of the girls and boys who had the good fortune to meet Officer Mario, their first encounter with a law enforcement official was a pleasant one.

We wish him all the happiness in the world in his retirement.

Jim Mulrooney
Mendota Heights


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