West St. Paul ‘cracks down’ on city code violations

In hopes of beautifying West St. Paul, city officials will be expanding efforts to make sure all residents are following city ordinances.

The city will be focusing on residential violations, including visible trash cans.

Many residents do not know that this is a violation of ordinance 600.03. The City requires that all trash cans and containers must be stored in rear yards, accessory buildings or garages, or properly screened from view from any public street.

Efforts include additional temporary code enforcement officers. The city is also asking community members to report any potential violations via the city’s “Code Enforcement Hotline,” 651-552-4114, for a follow-up inspection.

The hotline is available 24-7. The Code Enforcement email is codeenforcement@cityofwsp.org.

Complaint-Activated Spot Enforcement (CASE) is a way for the City to track and resolve housing, building and property maintenance violations. With CASE, if a violation is found, the inspector will notify the owner, who has the opportunity to correct the violation(s) by a compliance date, after which another inspection will be performed.

If the violation is not corrected, and other arrangements have not been made, the city may abate the violation or issue an administrative citation.

Reported properties are inspected for possible code or ordinance violations.

What to keep in mind if you receive a “Compliance Letter”:

• Don’t panic. The letter is a list of items that need to be corrected. It simply means your property needs some attention. A “Compliance Date” is the date by which you need to have the items fixed, or by which you must make other arrangements with the city.

• Don’t ignore it. Ignoring a letter will not make the violation(s) go away. The city is looking to work with residents to resolve their maintenance issues. Unfortunately, if an owner is unwilling to comply, the city will issue citations.

• It’s not just you. If your neighbors are violating city code, they probably received a letter, too.

• Read all of the material included with the letter. Many of your questions may be answered in them.

• Take action. Make arrangements and begin work early enough to complete the work on time.

• Call the city, if you’re having trouble. If you are unable to complete all of the required work by the due date, call for an extension to avoid further action.

The phone number for City Hall is 651-322-2323.


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