Odor ordinance under consideration

SSP working with businesses to curb offensive smells

South St. Paul officials are fed up with the town’s odor problems.

They’re drafting a new odor ordinance and working with businesses located in the city’s riverfront district with the goal of eliminating odor issues that have plagued the area for the past few years. And Dakota Premium Foods, Twin City Hide, Twin City Tanning and Sanimax have formed a consortium to monitor the presence and extent of odors they generate that may play a role in the problems the city has experienced.

“The city of South St. Paul has a reputation. It’s known for being a very tight-knit community; its hometown feel (and) a history of its stockyard. And, right or wrong, it’s known for its odor issues,” said city attorney Korine Land. “Everyone knows when they’ve crossed over the (Wakota) bridge and entered South St. Paul.”

While the city council members weren’t able to come to a final decision on how to handle the odor problem, they did address it in detail at their meeting Monday, June 16. They often suggested conducting another study of the roots of and causes of the odor, even though a similar study was done in 2013.

“We haven’t broken any land-speed records getting to this point, so if we need to wait a week or two, we can certainly do that,” said South St. Paul council member Tom Seaberg “The concern that we have is we want to develop a baseline for this study in the summer months.”

Some of the private businesses are attempting to get started on solving the problem as quickly as they can. Sanimax, an animal by-product rendering company, has donated $1 million towards the effort of helping eliminate the offending odors.

“Sanimax is a long-time community partner and employer in South St. Paul. We have and will continue to take proactive and responsive steps to reduce our odor footprint as a good neighbor,” said Sanimax South St. Paul general manager Mike Moyer.

“In fact, this year we’re investing over $1 million in new odor mitigation technology at our facility,” he said.

The city council will continue discussions on the odor ordinance during its meeting Monday, July 7. They also picked Short Elliot Hendrickson (or SEH) to help facilitate the ordinance.

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