Identity thieves stash stolen items in Maplewood

Couple accused of having over 15 Social Security cards

A Woodbury couple has been charged with multiple counts of felony aiding and abetting financial card fraud, which included purchasing some stolen items that were housed in an Acorn Storage facility in Maplewood.

Police allege that the couple, Denatre Squalls and Prechez Anderson, stole thousands of dollars worth of goods with stolen credit card information they accumulated in a variety of illegal methods.

They reportedly rented out a pair of storage units in Maplewood, which housed at least one Vizio television worth $700 that they bought at an Eagan Wal-mart, to go along with a slew of video game consoles they had purchased at a Toys R Us. They also purchased nearly $3,000 worth of items from Apple’s website.

The couple reportedly had been stealing credit card information at their place of employment, a Burger King in Woodbury, but that wasn’t all that they had put together. In a hotel room in Woodbury, police said they found 17 Social Security cards, driver’s licenses, birth certificates and credit card applications to help smooth out the alleged identity theft process. 

Because more charges against the pair may be filed, Woodbury police and Washington County are currently unable to comment, but they did want to alleviate the concerns of nervous area residents.

Woodbury public safety spokesperson Michelle Okada said she believes the victims of the identity theft scheme have already been notified, and past patrons at the Woodbury Burger King don’t need to worry if they haven’t been contacted.

“If they haven’t heard from us, then they’re very likely OK,” she said.

— Tim Faklis


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