Take time to make good decisions

Crist Langelett
The Chaplain’s Corner

Many responsibilities can be like quicksand. They are easy to get involved in but difficult to leave behind. Any person who is willing to be helpful will likely experience that phenomena. How do we disengage when we get old? The following are a few personal examples.

In 1976, Ray Enright asked me if I would write a Christian column for the Lillie Suburban Newspapers. Now at age 80 I have cut back from a weekly column to twice monthly. About 1980, I started to minister in a couple of jails. In 1994, I became the Washington County Jail Chaplain. Near the end of 1980, a few of us decided to convert the North St. Paul Community Christian Youth Center building into a local food shelf. It is still located in part of that building. Our involvement is quite limited now.

I have been the North St. Paul City Chaplain since Dec. 18, 2001 when I was sworn in by the late Mayor Bill Sandberg and the city council.

About four year ago I went off the Bible camp board that we were co-founders of more than 40 years ago. Last week they had more than 200 campers at Camp Dellwater. I am glad that I do not have any direct involvement at this age. They are doing just fine without me.

We all get the idea. Many and perhaps all of us get too soon old and to late smart. At age 83, we are down to four responsibilities. My thought is to leave one of them each year for the next four years. This could change but sounds like a fairly good approach at this time. If God doesn’t give me four more years of good health, it’s His decision. We leave everything to Him.

For the 2014 club, July 27 takes us to Psalms 52 and Acts 26.

Wishing everyone a good summer

Crist Langelett writes a twice-monthly column on faith. He is a chaplain for the city of North St. Paul and the Washington County Jail. He is also a volunteer at the local food shelf.


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