Letter:  Minnesota’s leaders should join citizens and support climate action

To the Editor:

On Tuesday July 22, 2014, I joined Minnesotans at the St. Paul State Office Building to show my support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. Global warming isn’t just a threat to Minnesota’s future. It’s here now. We’ve already seen harsh winters, long droughts, and devastating floods like the ones we had a few weeks ago.

Many spoke of their children and grandchildren for whom they want to leave a better planet. The 8 young people who gave a statement spoke of a cleaner and more beautiful future for themselves and their peers.

The EPA has proposed a rule to reduce carbon pollution from power plants -- the single largest source of the pollution that fuels global warming. We want to see this rule move through congress smoothly so that we can add to the progress Minnesota and other states have already made towards a cleaner and healthier energy future with renewable energy options.

Unfortunately, Some in Congress are working actively to block EPA’s authority under the Clean Air Act to limit dangerous carbon pollution. With so much at stake, we need leaders to stand up to the polluters.

Senator Franken has stood up to the polluters’ false alarm and Senator Klobuchar has spoken about a cleaner energy future for Minnesota. More Minnesota leaders should do the same. We need them to stand up for Minnesota and push back against polluters’ attacks on this critical step to tackle global warming. Our children’s future depends on it.

Tatiana Hakanson

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