East Side, you’ll be missed

Patrick Larkin
Patrick Larkin

East Side Review readers: I am quite sad to be announcing that I will be moving on from the East Side Review, after three years of dutiful service.

It has been perhaps my most rewarding employment experience to date, and my decision to leave was not made lightly.

The East Side's many vibrant communities have been very accommodating to me. I've loved writing about Latino businesses, African American youth groups, Hmong farmers, Karen authors, innovative teachers, new exciting development and revitalization, dicey neighborhood politics, quirky passion projects, and more.

It was my distinct pleasure to play a part in dialogues around the planning of Metropolitan State University's new parking ramp, or the city's handling of Ronald "Arjo" Adams' art park, or the holdout house Metro State had been trying to buy and demolish for years, or the worn out billboard above the St. Paul Police Department's Eastern District headquarters. 

I loved writing about the three betta fish stores on Arcade Street. And the hopes and dreams of Plaza Del Sol's founder Sonia Ortega. And the dedicated spirit of the Conway Young Mentor's Group. And many other awe-inspiring, East-Side-born projects.

It's been my honor to serve the East Side. I will miss it dearly. I have truly appreciated all of the feedback I received from readers.

I ask that you please be kind to my replacement, and help them tell more stories about the East Side. And please, in general, support the news — do paid subscriptions to newspapers, pay to read things online, and feed story ideas to reporters. Business owners: buy advertisements! Beyond marketing, they show support for the community you're in. These steps are the lifeblood of a good paper. And a good paper can make a community better, keep neighbors informed, raise attention to suppressed concerns and issues, and raise up the positive aspects of an area. 

I should note that I'm hoping to continue my work as a journalist, and would love to be in touch with readers after I leave the paper. I can be reached by e-mail at PatrickLarkin1987@gmail.com. I hope I can continue to serve the East Side.

Thank you,
Patrick Larkin

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