Roseville Area High School alerts parents to reports of school threat

Police determine threats are not serious, originated in Roseville, Michigan

The Roseville Police Department investigated threatening social media posts made against a "Roseville High School" just prior to the week of Jan. 25, and determined the threats did not involve Roseville Area High School, but were intended for a school in Roseville, Michigan.

RAHS Principal Dr. Jenny Loeck sent an email alerting parents the morning of Tuesday, Jan. 26, that Roseville, Minnesota, police were investigating the threats.

"We have been in close communication and they report that the social media threat appears not credible," Loeck wrote in the email, which was time-stamped at 7:09 a.m. "There is also a high likelihood that the school referenced is actually located outside of the State of MN."

Roseville police Lt. Lorne Rosand confirmed Jan. 26 that his department had been looking at the threat since the day before, and explained that "concerned citizens talked to police to say their high school-aged children had gotten text messages" containing a threat.

The threat, which then was circulated more via text messages, claimed a gun massacre would be carried Jan. 26, Rosand said, and students were told to stay home if they were to be safe.

Rosand said Roseville police officers investigated using in an "open source online area" -- social media posts viewable by the public -- and determined the threats were aimed at the high school in the Detroit suburb of Roseville, Michigan.

The two Roseville departments have been in contact since Jan. 25, Rosand said, and the Minnesota counterpart has closed the case, on their end.

"It's [Roseville, Michigan's] event," he said, "and they will be investigating."

According to a report from Detroit-based television station Fox 2, Detroit police received word of a threat late on Jan. 24 at a school called Cass Technical High School. The report said that by early Jan. 25 a senior at Cass Tech had been arrested for allegedly making that threat.

Based on the original threat, the Fox 2 report said, copy-cats miht have issued similar threats to three other schools, including the Detroit area school named Roseville High School.

In her email, Loeck thanked all who contacted the District 623 school regarding potential threats.

"Thank you to everyone who reached out to ensure we had this important information," Loeck wrote. "At RAHS, we continue to keep school safety as a top priority.

"We welcome students to school today, where they will experience a safe, challenging, and enjoyable day of learning."

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