IGH resident Regina Barr wins GOP endorsement in 52B race

Regina Barr

Regina Barr of Inver Grove Heights has received the Republican Party endorsement in the House District 52B race.

At the District 52 convention on Saturday, April 2, Barr received over 70 percent of the vote on the first ballot.

“We, meaning our campaign, were excited to see that the time spent discussing the issues and laying out my positions paid off,” Barr said.

She thinks her small business experience set her apart from her opponent, Don Lee of Eagan, as well as her hard work in establishing a personal relationship with as many delegates as she could.

Besides being a small business owner, Barr has served or is currently serving on a variety of boards and associations. She is the founder and CEO of Red Ladder, Inc., a corporate consulting and executive coaching firm. 

She said the issues she finds important, which includes fair taxation and quality education, are ones of concern for all Minnesotans.

“Those aren’t issues exclusive to Republicans. They are what I hear from my neighbors, friends and community leaders, regardless of party,” Barr said. 

Barr said her approach to campaigning would not change as she focuses on November. She will continue to go door-knocking around District 52B and talk with residents on the phone.

Throughout this campaign, Barr said she has learned voters are looking for “authenticity” and candidates who are “upfront and honest,” even when they disagree.

“They want government to be responsive, and they want their elected officials to listen — actually listen — to what they are saying. They want a voice like theirs to represent them at the Capitol,” Barr said.

Longtime DFL incumbent Joe Atkins of Inver Grove Heights is retiring from his District 52B seat in order to run for the Dakota County Board of Commissioners this year.

District 52B includes Inver Grove Heights, Sunfish Lake, Mendota Heights and a portion of Eagan.

Barr’s opponent in the November general election will be DFLer Mary T’Kach of Inver Grove Heights. T’Kach is the Ramsey County energy and sustainability coordinator.


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