Letter: T’Kach is ‘a ray of positivity’

To the editor:


In these dark days of a contentious national political race, I’m so delighted to know we have a ray of positivity shining through in DFL candidate Mary T’Kach for the Minnesota House.  

As a huge beneficiary of the fantastic legislative support for early childhood education funding in our district, I have long been appreciative of the work of our current House representative of District 52B, Joe Atkins.  

Joe’s endorsement of T’Kach made me closely examine her qualifications and intentions.  Getting to know Mary, I understand we will not only continue to have a champion for early childhood, but also for K-12, the environment, healthcare, and as I have seen her work firsthand on the Housing Committee, creative, sustainable housing solutions.  Getting to know Mary and watching her talk--and truly listen--to her future constituents, made me realize what a force for good she will be on every level in the Minnesota House.  Vote Mary T’Kach!


Liz Niemioja

Inver Grove Heights

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