Letter: T’Kach ‘thinks globally and acts locally’

To the editor:


I strongly support Mary T’Kach for state representative for House District 52B. Mary has worked for the good of individuals and society her entire working life. 

She helped lead the creation of one of the first ever neighborhood recycling programs. She then worked for the next 10 years at the corporate level for Aveda. After a layoff during the recession she began running her own consulting firm. 

Missing interaction with colleagues, she then chose to move on to a job where she could work with a team. In that job with Ramsey County, she is working to make sure government “walks the walk” on their own regulations. 

While working to protect the environment, Mary has put the well-being of individuals at the forefront. Over the years, her work has helped to create thousands of green jobs.  At Aveda, she worked with poor communities to create sustainable jobs while improving the bottom line. Her work at Aveda also proved she could work across ideological lines and get things done. 

Mary is hard working, practical and committed to “thinking globally, while acting locally.”  

I strongly support her for state representative for our district -- 52B.


Jean Kelly

Inver Grove Heights

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