Family-owned and operated, Old World Pizza is a taste from a simpler time

Luke proudly displays one of Our World Pizza's many flavors of dessert pizza.

Ron shows off h is skills at making the perfect pizza crust.

Old world Pizza wait staff.

Old World Pizza's buffet stretches 30 feet or more, with salad, pasta, pizzas, and desserts.

If driving over an hour or having your favorite pizza shipped from Minnesota to Florida seems excessive, then clearly you haven’t tried Old World Pizza in Inver Grove Heights. 

Some customers have gone to great lengths to get their hands on the one-of-a-kind, mouth-watering pies. They stand alone in the pizza world and customers’ love and loyalty to them is a testament of the quality ingredients and craftsmanship. It’s more than great food; years of experience and dedication have been put into every bite. 

Old World owner Brian Dzieweczynski has been making pizzas since 1973 and now, more than four decades later, it is clear he has masterfully perfected his craft. 

Dzieweczynski says his approach to creating perfect pies stems from the techniques and traditions of a simpler time. Old World chefs pride themselves on using the freshest ingredients like homemade Italian sausage, and they shred and blend their own cheese using two different mozzarellas to bring out a delicious balance of unique flavor and texture. 

Handmade dough is rolled out daily to create a traditional, classic crust and every pie is given a generous amount of toppings: nothing is pre-measured, which delivers a hearty, authentic taste to each pizza and it’s impossible to leave hungry. 

Also made daily is a fresh batch of Old World’s secret-recipe signature-blended sauce, with a zesty, key ingredient that gives the pizzas a unique, out-of-this-world taste. 

With 12 specialty pizzas and six dessert pies there is plenty to choose from, but that doesn’t stop Dzieweczynski and his team from innovating. Whether you’re a regular or a first-timer to Old World, everyone loves trying the new concoctions. 

“We’re always trying to come up with new things,” he says.

Some new pies available are the BLT, mac and cheese, barbecue chicken, and chicken bacon ranch pizzas. And for any pizza buff who likes a little spice, Dzieweczynski recommends the new taco pizza, made with a ghost chili sauce. 

“It’s got a bit of a bite to it!” he says. 

Dzieweczynski and his team strive to provide an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming to connect with families, friends and colleagues. He describes Old World’s 65 employees as his biggest asset, and satisfied customers leaving with full bellies and big smiles, and commenting on the great service as proof of the staff’s excellent customer service. 

The daily lunch buffet is a popular option for a lunch break. It seems to stretch on forever, starting with salad -- in the middle there are more than 20 pizza options and endless choices of pastas, and it ends with a huge selection of delicious dessert pies. The lunch buffet is open daily and there is a dinner buffet Monday and Tuesday evenings. 

Families love the relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and great food at Old World Pizza. If you have any special events coming up consider its spacious banquet hall. The 85-seat space can be reserved and is great for groom’s dinners, showers, sporting banquets, birthdays and funeral luncheons. 

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