Phalen Village Cooperative: Where senior living is redefined

Realife Cooperative of Phalen Village will have an open house on Saturday, April 22 and Sunday, April 23 from 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Great Room where members can reserve fore parties, family functions and gatherings.

The cozy fireside room at Realife Phalen Village.

Whether you are retiring, downsizing or simply longing for a more carefree lifestyle, Realife Cooperative of Phalen Village can fit your needs. This community for adults age 55-plus offers all the benefits of ownership with none of the hassles.

The not-for-profit cooperative exists solely for the pleasure and benefit of its share-owners. Realife’s one bedroom, one bedroom with den, and two-bedroom units offer privacy, spacious rooms and full kitchens. 

The units come with countless amenities and services, including heated indoor parking with a car wash, a fitness center, wood shop, game room, great room with a kitchen for entertaining and a craft room. 

Realife of Phalen Village is truly a community where people enjoy freedom, security, friends and a beautiful place to live at very a affordable cost, in exchange for their participating/volunteering with the various needs that keep the cooperative organization successful and viable. Members may participate on the board, committees or just helping out.

Dave Solo, who moved to Realife with his wife last year, says the switch has freed up their time, money and energy.

“We were in a townhouse and had physical challenges but also the place was huge! We were only living really in a few rooms,” he says.

“When you take everything into consideration, we reduced our monthly expenses by one-third,” Solo says. “Our square footage was cut in half, but it’s the same as what we were using in the townhome.”

“In the other place I had to take care of the water heater and furnace in the basement, but at our Realife unit I don’t have to worry about any of that, and we have a community here,” he adds.

Now, when it snows, members never have to worry about shoveling. The same goes for other chores, like mowing the lawn, cleaning out the gutters or raking leaves -- it’s all taken care of. Realife members have shed all those tasks in favor of getting down to the business of doing more living. 

Seniors at Realife can choose privacy or activity, serenity or the social scene -- at any given time in a day. Because they are share-owners, they also participate in decisions about the facility. 

“Seriously, the community becomes your family,” Solo says. “It’s perfect.”

The co-op’s convenient location just off Johnson Parkway and Phalen Boulevard is a stone’s throw from Cub Foods and other shopping options, restaurants, clinics and places of worship. It’s also just a short walk to Lake Phalen, the Phalen Park Golf Course, tennis courts and the Bruce Vento Regional Trail, a popular place for hiking and biking. 

The members of Realife Phalen Village are proud to own this fabulous residential building, and they take care of it.

“New members bring in a wealth of expertise and knowledge,” says Resident Services Manager Debbie Setering. “Because a co-op is shared ownership by the people that live here, they are the committees that run the place and in turn make recommendations to the board of directors, who are also members who live here.”

Realife of Phalen Village has open house events throughout the year. Stop by and check out what you’re missing at this truly cooperative community.

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