East Side Review bulletin board July 16, 2017

District 2 Community Council

The District 2 Community Council will have a board meeting on Wednesday, July 19 from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Letter Carriers Hall, located at 1715 Van Dyke St. For more information about the meeting’s agenda, contact the council at 651-774-2220 or send an email to info@district2council.org.

Dayton’s Bluff Community Council

The next board of directors meeting is Monday, July 17 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the East Side Enterprise Center, 804 Margaret St. For more information about the agenda for the meeting, contact the council at 651-772-2075 or send an email to info@daytonsbluff.org. The meeting is open to all Dayton’s Bluff residents.

East Side Youth Voice

The East Side Youth Council meets weekly, every Monday, from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center, 788 East Seventh St., for East Side youth to discuss what they want to see in their neighborhoods.

The council provides a space for open conversation among East Side youth to make a difference in their community. Youth will learn how to work across generational divides and become leaders in their community. Meetings are open to anyone; snacks and drinks will be provided. 

7th Street Live looking for vendors, artists, volunteers

The third annual 7th Street Live is a large, family-friendly, community festival that brings together artists, musicians, businesses and neighbors. The event is hosted by WEQY 104.7 FM, the local community radio station. Festival organizers are looking for vendors from small to large businesses, artists of kinds, nonprofit organizations, and community groups. Those interested in participating should contact either Melinna Sixtos at melinna@daytonsbluff.org, office number 651-772-2075, cell number 651-808-5901; or contact Michelle Kaye at michelle@daytonsbluff.org, office number 651-772-2075, cell number 651-315-1507.


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