LETTER: Supervisor Behrens calls for Sen. Al Franken to resign

To the Editor:

There needs to be great integrity and great respect for the people who elected you.

The role of public servant is to serve those who put their trust in your representation of what is in the best interest of them and their families.

Public servants are the voice of the voters.

Harassment of any kind is unbecoming of anyone. Especially of those elected to office. The standards and expectations of integrity should be much higher than those exhibited by Sen. Al Franken.

This behavior should not be tolerated, and it is behavior like this that he is charged with protecting people against.  I call for Franken to do the right thing and make a stand to uphold the values of Minnesotans and others by resigning and renewing his mission in this life.

Margaret Behrens - Conservation District 5 supervisor, Maplewood

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