LETTER: Bring down unreasonable tuition costs

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my concerns about the high cost of college tuition. I am currently a student at a university, and each semester I become thousands of dollars in debt. There are life goals that also require money like buying or saving for a house, starting a family and getting married. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to achieve these goals on top of paying for tuition.

Students are having to decide if they wish to pursue a degree or focus on their life goals. In reality, it should be reasonable to do both without having a large amount of student loans for most of their lives.

To my knowledge, the cost of tuition has never gone down and has only been increasing over the last decade. This makes it even more difficult to keep up with the cost of living expenses. Lowering tuition would help many people achieve their life goals along with a satisfying degree that does not cost them a fortune. I urge you readers to contact your representatives to help be another voice for us people who are struggling to pay for our college tuition and raise awareness of this issue.

Rebecca Jensen, Oakdale

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