LETTER: Preparing for the upcoming legislative session

To the editor:

Thanks so much to the hearty neighbors who braved eight below temperatures to attend our town hall meeting on Jan. 6 in the Oakdale City Hall chambers.

We had a lively, respectful discussion on wide-ranging topics that will be addressed in the upcoming session starting Feb. 20. Some of the many issues we discussed were elder abuse, car tabs/licensing issues, workforce training, education, mental health service delivery, autism, the opiate crisis and balancing the state budget.

Special thanks also to Oakdale Mayor Paul Reinke, Washington County Commissioner Stan Karwoski, Washington County Sheriff Dan Starry and North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale school board member Nancy Livingston.

Civic engagement is the heart of democracy. We deeply appreciate the participation.

Please contact us if you have questions, ideas or wish to receive our electronic newsletters.

Sen. Chuck Wiger, District 43

Sen. Susan Kent, District 53

Rep. Leon Lillie, District 43B

Rep. JoAnn Ward, District 53A

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