South-West Review police reports published March 18, 2018

South-West Review police reports published March 18, 2018 for Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul


Inver Grove Heights

Double trouble

On March 7, a driver was pulled over near the intersection of Concord Boulevard and 70th Street East. A 53-year-old man was arrested for driving with a cancelled license and a 32-year-old woman was arrested for outstanding warrants.


Mail theft

There were multiple reports of stolen mail as well as recovered stolen mail this week.


Abandoned car

A vehicle was left at the intersection of Copperfield Way and Concoran Path for five days. Police are trying to contact the owner to move it or before it is towed.



On March 10, officers stopped a vehicle in the 1500 block of Concord Boulevard. A 25-year-old man was arrested for felony drug possession.


Found bag

A handbag was found in the 6900 block of Cahill Avenue March 10. The bag was entered into a police property room for safekeeping.


Once a cheater

A 22-year-old woman and a 31-year-old man were arguing about infidelity in the 4800 block of Ashley Lane March 11. The man eventually left the scene.



Officers were dispatched to the 4400 block of 66th Street March 12 for a burglary.


Possession of controlled substance

On March 13, officers responded to the 5700 block of Bishop Avenue for a suspicious person in a vehicle. A 42-year-old woman was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and brought to Dakota County Jail.


Mendota Heights

You can’t drive

On March 3, an officer ran the plates of a car in the Sutcliff Circle area near Highway 13 and found the registered owner had canceled license plates. The woman driving the car was eventually identified as the owner of the car, but wasn’t supposed to be driving. The license plates were impounded and the woman was given a ride home. The vehicle was released to a valid driver.


Icy roads

Police responded to a vehicle crash March 5 on Dodd Road at Emerson Avenue in front of Somerset Elementary. Due to icy conditions, a vehicle on westbound Emerson Avenue was unable to stop at a stop sign and struck a vehicle that was northbound on Dodd Road. Three occupants of one vehicle were evaluated for injuries by paramedics but none were transported.



An officer pulled a driver over for an illegal left turn near the intersection of Pilot Knob Road and Interstate 494 March 7. During the stop, the officer saw drug paraphernalia and a search of the vehicle was conducted and drugs were found.


South St. Paul

Dog bite

A call came in from the post office March 6 from a mail carrier who said that while he was delivering mail, he went to pet a dog that is normally friendly and was bit on the lip. The officer went to the house the incident occurred at and the dog’s owner admitted his dog bit the carrier when he went down to give the dog a treat. There was also blood in the snow where the incident occurred. The officer informed the owner of the “potentially dangerous dog procedure.” 


Warrant arrest

While on routine patrol March 5 in the area of Fifth Street South and Second Avenue South, an officer found a vehicle parked in an alley with the lights off and occupied by several individuals. The officer spoke with the driver who said he was waiting to pick someone up. The driver did not have any identification when asked for it but gave officers his name. A check on the driver showed he had an active warrant for receiving stolen property. A search of the vehicle found several drug paraphernalia items. The driver was transported to Dakota County Jail.



A man called police March 7 to report that his vehicle, which had been parked on Fourth Street North near 10th Avenue North, had a scrape on the driver’s side of the vehicle, from the rear wheel well to the driver’s side rear door. The damage had not been present prior to the parking of the vehicle. 


Missing tools

On March 8, an officer spoke with a man who reported his work van had been broken into overnight and a large number of tools were stolen. The van was parked in his driveway in the 1400 block of Fourth Street North and thieves punched his lock on the passenger door to gain entry. The thieves also attempted to punch the steering column to steal the vehicle but were unsuccessful. The value of the stolen tools was around $2,000.


Drunken ramblings

Police were called to a house on Macarthur Street East on March 12, which they had visited the previous day. The reporting party said his brother was intoxicated and was refusing to let him leave the residence. When officers arrived, they found the sober man in front of the residence. He said his brother was talking about driving to Wisconsin to get his dog back. He tried to keep his brother from leaving but was unable to and that the brother was running around the neighborhood. 

A short time later, the brother sprinted back to the residence and began screaming at officers to leave his property. The man was cited for disorderly conduct and was transported to Dakota County Jail. 


West St. Paul

Too many cars

A woman called police March 7 because she was mad at her neighbor after arguing about parking. The woman was upset with the neighbor for having too many cars and taking up the street parking on Charlton Street. Police told her to contact code enforcement in the morning and for the two neighbors to stay away from each other. 


Attempted entry

On March 8, a suspicious man tried getting into a house in the 200 block of Butler Avenue East. The owner called police after the man tried to force open both the front door and garage door. The man left before the owner called the police. Officers told the homeowner to call 911 if the man returns. 


Respect your elders

A call came in from an apartment complex in the 1800 block of Oakdale Avenue because someone heard what they thought sounded like a physical argument. An officer made contact with a mom and daughter thought to be causing the disturbance. The daughter was upset with her mom for taking away her cellphone over bad grades. The officer told them about the noise complaint and tried to talk with the daughter about grades and respecting her mom. 


Scam calls

A woman called police March 9 reporting a scam call she got supposedly from Xcel Energy. She did not give out any personal information.

On March 13, a man called police to report he received an automated scam phone call that said he had warrants and a criminal investigation against him. The man did not send money but wanted the police to be aware of the call.



After being in a store for five minutes in the 1400 block of Robert Street south March 9, a man called police because his vehicle was stolen. Turns out, the man just forgot where he parked.


Attempted theft

A loss prevention employee from a business in the 1700 block of Robert Street called police March 9 after a man attempted to steal $2,000 worth of stuff. He dropped the merchandise when approached by loss prevention. The employee told police the man may have been over by Chick-fil-A.


Need more info

A man called police March 11 to report that someone he had picked up in St. Paul stole his money. The caller and another man were driving from St. Paul to Mendota Heights when they stopped in West St. Paul to get some food. This is when the caller thinks the man stole his money, but he had very little information on the suspect. An officer advised the man there wasn’t enough information to follow up on the incident but to call back if he gets more information.


Warrant arrest

On March 11, a woman called police from the 180 block of Thompson Avenue East after she saw a suspicious man, who she thought had warrants out for his arrest, walk into a building. It was confirmed the man had outstanding warrants and he was jailed on three warrants and for drugs.

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