Sump pumping reminder

As spring approaches, many property owners’ sump pumps will begin to run. The City of Roseville reminds residents where a sump pump can be discharged. A property is only allowed to discharge its sump pump on its own property. The discharge point may not extend into the right of way, which is typically about 15 feet from the curb. The discharge point should not be in a location that causes drainage issues for other properties.

Additionally, sump pump discharges cannot be connected to the sanitary sewer, such as into a floor drain, wash sink or any other internal plumbing. This discharge is prohibited because this water is clean and does not need to be treated. It can cause capacity issues in the sanitary sewer system and creates additional costs to move and treat the water. Property owners who discharge into the sanitary sewer are subject to a monthly surcharge fee.

Property owners in Roseville whose sump pumps discharge in the winter and can cause safety issues such as icy streets or sidewalk, can apply for a sump pump discharge waiver to discharge into the sanitary system. These waivers are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are only good for one year. There is a surcharge fee and inspection associated with the waiver.

Contact the Roseville Public Works Department at 651-792-7004 for more information.

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